Dynamic parlour testing is key to efficiency

29 Jan 2019

The importance of a dynamic test carried out by a qualified Parlour Safe-accredited professional, to fully assess the parlour and milking routine, has never been more important as we head into 2019 and continuing market volatility.

So says milking machine specialist John Baines, who stresses that ensuring that the milking parlour fulfils its potential is a key factor in efficient milk production and profitability.

Efficient milking

“Effective and efficient milking is realised through the interaction of the cow, the person milking, and the machine,” he says.

“Only by carrying out a full dynamic assessment of the machine and the way it is being used during milking, together with a thorough evaluation of cow responses and the staff – including milking and cleaning routines – will you have the information on which to base meaningful changes. A static test will not do for overall milking practice assessment.

Dynamic test

He adds that a dynamic test requires a relatively small investment and can safeguard the business against many issues related to dairy hygiene, cow health and milk production.

“And once you have the report – use it. Data from the test provides producers with invaluable information to adjust parlour management for more efficient milk production. So make sure you utilise it – it’s surprising how small changes can result in noticeable improvements.”