Fat supplement meets cow requirements throughout lactation

09 Aug 2018

A fat supplement, which has been developed to meet the requirements of dairy cows throughout lactation and offers particular benefits in early lactation, has been launched by Volac Wilmar.

The supplement, called Mega-Max, is the latest innovation in the Megalac range of rumen-protected fats and features a specific C16:0 and C18:1 fatty acid composition. Its formula is based on the latest research evidence from the US.

Fatty-acid ratio

Palmitic (C16:0) fatty acids increase milk fat production whereas C18:1 fatty acids help to reduce body condition loss. And work at Michigan State University has confirmed that the ratio of these two fatty acids is key when considering fat supplement choice for freshly calved cows.

A study at SRUC’s Crichton Royal Farm showed that adding Mega-Max to early-lactation cow rations increased milk yield by 1.6 litres per day and also significantly increased milk fat production. Later in lactation, the supplement’s C16:0 content helps to improve milk fat production, while the C18:1 component has a key role in improving fat digestibility and cow fertility.