Fodder beet variety boosts home-grown feed value

15 Feb 2020

Limagrain UK has introduced fodder beet variety Ribambelle – a triploid beet with red skin that ranks highly among fodder beet varieties for its high energy and medium dry matter contents.

Field trial results show that this variety has an average dry matter of 16%, which makes it ideally suited for dairy or beef cattle.

Rhizomania tolerant

“As well as high feed value, Ribambelle has the advantage of being rhizomania tolerant – a disease that can cause yield loss – and medium rooted,” says the company’s Martin Titley.

“It grows with 50% of its root out of the ground, compared with deeper rooted varieties that typically have between 70% and 80% of their root in the ground. “This makes for easier harvesting and a cleaner root.”

Its root depth also allows for grazing in situ, which appeals to producers looking for a high value feed for dairy heifers.

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