Free printable milking routine sheets

01 Apr 2020

During the current coronavirus lockdown, producers may find themselves calling upon inexperienced staff to help complete daily tasks, such as milking and cleaning the parlour.

So Deosan has published free printable information sheets, which outline the basic steps to follow when milking cows and washing out parlour systems, in order to maintain hygiene and milk quality standards.

Helpful reminder

These sheets will be particularly useful for new employees, or current employees taking on new daily roles. Abut they also serve as a helpful reminder to all staff. The information applies to all types of systems and products.

“Introducing new staff to the daily milking routine highlights just how many elements of the system need attention,” says Alison Cox from Diversey, the manufacturers of the Deosan range of hygiene products.

Check list

“Time to train new staff may be limited, so having a simple check list available will help to ensure that vital steps in the routine are carried out correctly and good milk quality is maintained.

“If producers have any specific issues then we urge them to contact us directly and we will reply rapidly with advice and support.”

Free sheets

To print out your information sheets please visit: