Grass-seed mixtures with enhanced feed value launched

Grass-seed mixtures with enhanced feed value launched
05 Mar 2018

Four new options have been added to the Monarch grass seed mixture range. They have been added due to their ability to offer outstanding agronomic and yield qualities, as well as high feed values, which have been proven to increase milk and meat production.

The mixtures are identified with the LGAN (LG Animal Nutrition) accreditation. Included are two mainly cutting mixtures, LGAN Quality Silage and LGAN Protein Silage, and the dual-purpose LGAN Silage and Grazing and grazing mixture LGAN Intensive Grazing.

“LGAN accreditation is awarded to mixtures that deliver superior nutritional value, while maintaining excellent agronomic qualities and yield,” says Limagrain’s John Spence. “We support each mixture with independent trial data that demonstrates the added feed value.”

1.4 litres per day more milk

Based on data from trials carried out at the Schothorst Research Institute, based in The Netherlands, cows fed on a diet including the LGAN grass mixture produced 1.4 litres per day more milk than the group of cows fed a dual-purpose mixture. Based on 300 days in milk and a milk price of 28ppl, the LGAN mixture added £118 per cow to milk value.

The LGAN Intensive Grazing mixture also out performed a control mixture of recommended varieties in Dartington forage quality trials. Taking multiple test points throughout the season, the LGAN mixture showed an improvement in dry matter yield of 1.78t/ha and energy of 25,694MJ/ha compared to the control. “This increase in energy is equivalent to 4,848 litres of milk,” adds Mr Spence. “Based on a price of 28ppl, this is worth an extra £1,357 per hectare.”