Pocket-size analyser offers instant on-farm results

08 Feb 2019

Producers and nutritionists can now measure silage dry matter on farm, using a hand-held sensor, in less than a minute.

Eurofins Agro UK, in partnership with Consumer Physics, launched the SCiO sensor at Dairy-Tech 2019. This is an a on-farm feed analysis tool, which is already being used by early adopters in the UK, such as Harpers Feeds.

Smart sensor

The analyser is a hand-held connected smart sensor that allows producers and nutritionists to test the dry matter of a variety of silages. This then allows them to adjust rations based on real-time data.

The technology is cloud based, which allows for regular app updates as part of the service. And it also allows any new calibrations that are currently being developed by Eurofins, including additional forage types and attributes, to be delivered to the user.

Dry-matter variation

“This technology provides users with insight into dry-matter variation over time and gives an indication of when further in-depth lab testing is necessary to fine-tune rations, optimise yield, and realise crucial cost efficiencies,” says the company’s Isobel Daley.

Harpers Feeds says that it has adopted this service to provide its customers with an extra level of responsiveness. “This technology allows our nutritionists to adjust rations during the farm visit based on real-time analytical results,” says the company’s Bruce Forshaw.

Key factor

“Once a ration is set up, dry matter is the key factor determining the potential productivity on farm and this hand-held system helps us to keep track of this dynamic factor in a simple, immediate and digital way.”