Portable slurry mixer puts safety first

16 Aug 2019

German manufacturer Reck has developed a slurry mixer that fits between the slats in livestock housing, avoiding the need to remove slats and reducing the risks associated with mixing the slurry below.

The company’s slatted floor mixer can be inserted through slats as narrow as 17mm and enables safe mixing with little disruption to livestock.

Large volumes

Once inserted through a gap, the blades automatically unfold when the mixer is started. “It can then be swivelled laterally, which allows large volumes to be stirred from one location,” says Tramspread’s John Tydeman.

“This makes pumping easier and reduces the need for staff to risk going below to attend potentially dangerous blockages.”

Portable mixer

The mixer is available in two models and it’s the Torro that’s designed for use in slatted cow sheds. It’s light, portable and can be operated by one person.

Emissions from slurry can be potent and unpredictable. When agitated or pumped, slurry emits dangerous gases such as hydrogen sulphide.

Gas detector

“So the operator should use a slurry gas detector to monitor the levels of gas when mixing takes place,” stresses Mr Tydeman.

“We always recommend a monitor, such as the Gas Alert Clip. It’s a simple, cheap device that alerts the operator to dangerous concentrations of gas and can save lives.”