Robotic feed pusher uses ‘invisible’ transponder technology

Robotic feed pusher uses ‘invisible’ transponder technology
20 Feb 2018

A robotic feed pusher – the Joz Moov – has been launched into the UK by Stamford Agricultural Services. The Moov’s path is determined by tiny transponders that are sunk into the ground, ensuring that the machine stays in line to move rations up to the barrier. This ensures that cows have access to feed at all times.

Developed by Dutch manufacturer JOZ, the path of the robot is governed by transponders, the size of small rawl plugs. These are fixed just below ground level so they are ‘invisible’ and can remain reliably in situ.

Six metres per minute

The robot rotates round slowly and will travel along at six metres per minute for 19 hours before a five-hour recharge is required. Multiple routes can be programmed. In cattle sheds with wifi, producers can also monitor the robot remotely via their phone or tablet.

Not only does the feed pusher free up a tractor and labour, but producers have also reported increased milk yields and calmer cows with less dominant animals particularly benefitting from the continuous availability of feed.

The robot retails at £12,950 plus VAT with set-up costs dependent on the individual site. Grant funding is available in some areas of the UK.