Tracking device for ATVs

07 Feb 2020

Yamaha ATVs are now available with tracking devices supplied by partner and vehicle security specialist Datatool.

The Datatool Stealth S5 device will be supplied, free of charge, with new ATV models to offer producers safety, security and peace of mind.

Permanent record

The technology is connected to satellites so the devices can be tracked throughout the UK, mainland Europe and beyond.

The vehicle position is recorded every 15 seconds and data is uploaded to the cloud every two minutes, providing a permanent record of every journey.

Operation centre

To protect the ATV, the device creates an 'invisible geo-fence' that, if broken, sends a message to a 24/7 operation centre. This can inform the owner, and the police, if a theft is in progress.

“While theft is a big issue, this technology also informs farm managers in the event that one of their workers has an accident, ensuring that assistance reaches them as soon as possible in an emergency,” says the company’s William Kay.

Effective deterrent

The tracker has been rigorously tested to operate as an effective deterrent and recovery device for ATVs. It retails at £249 plus VAT. But Yamaha is to offer the actual device free of charge.

Producers have to pay a £99 dealer installation fee, plus a monthly fee of £9.95, to retain the services of the 24/7 operation centre.